Program Overview

Fleet ProgramS

Interstate Fleet Services is exclusively concerned with meeting the vehicle needs of American business. We’re consumed with vehicles. Keeping them running efficiently so your people are able to keep doing what they do best. What we do best is respond to our customers needs.

When your business considers its vehicle needs, we suggest you call us. No other company of any size has more expertise in fleet leasing than Interstate Fleet Services.

Interstate Fleet Services’ performance has a solid basis. We are constantly looking for ways to serve our customers better, to refine and tailor our programs to meet changing needs. Interstate Fleet Services is a goal oriented company, but our refusal to expand at the expense of service excellence, customer support and the quality of our staff has had an interesting payoff. We remain a financially strong company that continues to deliver outstanding service and support to our customers.

Interstate Fleet Services financial strength also enables it to prosper in the new competitive environment by responding quickly to change while continuing to provide excellent service and support. The company is national in scope, but it does offer the personalized service of local suppliers.

Interstate Fleet Services had emerged as one of the foremost full service leasing companies in the nation and it all starts with listening. We listen closely. This enables us to:

When you get your vehicles from us, we can give them custom graphics too!

We are about quality and it is our goal to provide you with professional, personal, and friendly service in a welcoming environment.

We can provide vinyl decals, vehicle and window lettering, window tinting, digital prints, and more!

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