Upfitting & Graphics

What Can Interstate Do For You?

For more information about our vehicle graphics visit interstate-graphics.com

Graphic Design
We can design a logo or a whole vehicle layout.

Vinyl Decals
Custom Vinyl Decals.

Window Tinting
Custom Vinyl Decals.

Vehicle Lettering
Vehicle lettering, logos, designs installed professionally.

Window Lettering
We can install graphics on your office windows or doors.

Digital Prints
Wrapping your whole vehicle in a complex design, photos, etc.

Other Projects
Wall murals, license plates, yard signs, banners, etc.

Do you need upfitting to your vehicle?

Interstate Fleets Service Centers can upfit your fleet vehicles with a variety of equipment.

➤  Custom Shelving Packages
➤  Ladder Packs
➤  Tool Boxes
➤  Running Boards

➤  Trailer Hitches
➤  Vinyl Seating
➤  Rearview Camera’s and Sensing Systems
➤  Many more custom add on’s

We can also maintain your vehicles
and keep them going!

Your company can benefit from our expertise in controlling costs with this program.

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